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We still have the warm and fuzzies from a family-filled Thanksgiving in Connecticut with my husband’s family.  It was just the thing we needed to put us in the right frame of mind for the holiday season.  NYC street corners have already been commandeered by the Christmas Tree hawkers and the tourist/shoppers are filling the sidewalks with a steady flow. It’s all happening… and it’s not even December yet.

Are we all just type-A eager beavers or perhaps we are just looking for something positive and happy to concentrate on?  Sometimes it seems like the world can’t get a hold of itself.  Suffering and misery seems more commonplace than investment and growth.  The current caustic political environment hangs heavy over all of us at a time when we should be thinking most about how to help one another.  Let’s not forget about each other this holiday season. Connecting with and treasuring loved ones is always the most appreciated gift.

So in the spirit, here is a little glimpse into our family Thanksgiving bliss. Post appetizers but pre-turkey we headed to a local park.  We said it was for Emma of course, but I think we all had a lot of fun being together in a rare moment of Norman Rockwell idyllic perfection.

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